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Meet the team

At Blades of Green and B.O.G. Pest, we know every employee plays a part in our success.

Leadership With Roots In The Industry

We have been trusted leaders in the industry for over 30 years.

Our management team is actively involved in engaging, motivating, mentoring, and supporting our talented team of employees. 

Dani Collinson

Pest Division Manager

Dani oversees our Pest Division, working with routing, posting production, and helping clients get fast relief from pests.

A native of Southern Anne Arundel County, she lives on a large farm with her husband and son, raising beef cattle and selling hay, straw, and other grains. When she's not at work, she enjoys spending time outdoors, hunting, riding horses, playing with her son, and farming. 

Adrian Montalvo

Routing Manager

As a lawn technician, Adrian works hard to ensure that the turf in each client's yard is cared for and looks the best it can. His favorite thing about working at Blades of Green is meeting new people and getting to know his amazing coworkers. 

When he's not in the office, he loves working on cars, watching movies, and doing things outdoors like hiking and wakeboarding. 

Mike Graybill

Pest Technician

Mike has been a pest technician here at Blades of Green since 2011. He enjoys getting to know his clients better and helping them solve problems around their homes. 

Outside of the office, he enjoys the outdoors, hunting, fishing, working on his farm, and playing with his goats!


We want to meet you, too!

Stop by our office during weekly open interview hours!

Get some valuable face-time with the team and get your questions answered. Walk-ins welcome.

WHERE: 645 Central Ave E

WHEN: Every Thursday, 4-6 PM

We're Animal Lovers

From man's best friend to man's best... guinea pig?

The Blades of Green and B.O.G. Pest family includes some great people AND some great pets.


58 Dogs


26 Cats


23 Cattle


4 Reptiles


3 Goats


3 Sheep


3 Birds


2 Fish


2 Rabbits


1 Guinea Pig

"The sky is the limit. If you have a great idea, they're willing to let you try it!" 

Dani, Pest Division Manager

We Believe We Can Fly

Our team already has superpowers when it comes to customer service, but when it comes to the supernatural, most of our team would opt for the ability to fly. 



Up, up, and away!



Now you see us, now you don't!


Super Strength

Brains and Brawn!


Shape Shifting

If you're a bird, I'm a bird.



No secrets are safe! 

"One of the reasons why I like working here is I get to interact with people and help them on a daily basis." 

Kevin, Pest Technician

We're Pretty Handy







"There's a lot of teamwork, everyone works well together, and we have fun at the same time."

Tindy, Account Executive