Summer Intern Recap

At Blades of Green, we have always been committed to shaping the future of the lawn care and pest control industry. Part of that work has centered on building a partnership with our local school system and the Maryland Department of labor to launch internship and apprenticeship opportunities for students. We are thrilled to announce the completion of our first-ever Summer Internship program. This year, we had four interns with us, all rising Seniors at Anne Arundel County public high schools.   

The Summer interns generally completed 135+ hours across the company. One of the key highlights of our internship program was the opportunity for each intern to rotate across the various departments within our company. From day one, they were out in the field, working side by side with our experienced technicians, learning the art and science of lawn care and pest control and seeing the results of the team’s efforts on client properties.  

Our interns also spent valuable time in the office, gaining insights into the operations side of our business. From the customer service department, where they learned the importance of client relationship management, to the routing department, where they discovered the intricacies of scheduling and logistics, our interns were exposed to every area of our company.  

In addition to their day-to-day responsibilities, our interns played a pivotal role in several strategic projects. Their fresh perspectives and enthusiasm injected new energy into our initiatives, and they provided valuable support to our marketing, soil testing, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives.  

 We are excited to share some of their feedback!  

Travis W.  

My favorite part of being a Summer Intern at Blades of Green was learning so many new things. During my time at Blades of Green, I learned more in a short time than I have in some school situations. I was able to learn something new in a different area of the company every single day. I learned about fertilizer and how it is made, moles and signs of termites, supporting clients in the customer service department, coordinating a route for technicians in the routing department, and so much more. 

The area I enjoyed the most was my time in the tree/shrub department, where I learned so many names of different plants and diseases affecting each one, as well as learning about each insect we saw and what plants they each affect.  

I am excited to apply what I’ve learned to my STEM program and its biology focus. I have learned so many new things about plants, insects, and pests, including the time they are active, the ecosystem in Maryland, and what environmental factors that affect them. I’ve also learned bits of chemistry with how the fertilizer is made and how it is changed over the year to account for the season. I’ve also learned about the pH of a lawn and how it can be changed using lime and sulfur to get a lawn’s pH to an acceptable level. Blades of Green encouraged me to ask lots of questions throughout my internship, and by doing that I was able to learn so much about this field, what each service does, and why a Technician does a particular thing.  

Phoenix S.  

I was excited to join Blades of Green for my Summer Internship, and once I began my internship, I knew that Blades of Green was unlike other jobs I have had – in a good way! There is a true sense of “family” at Blades of Green. Managers are understanding and supportive. The Technicians I worked with care about their jobs and delivering the best possible service to clients. This is admirable in a company.  

My favorite part of my internship was learning from all the Technicians I worked with. They are all interesting people with all kinds of backgrounds and different paths before getting into lawn care and pest control. The biggest thing I will take with me into my future jobs that I learned at Blades of Green is communication, and the value of that skill. I gained this by observing managers and how they interact within themselves and with their teams. I am lucky to have gotten the coolest internship I could ask for.  

Gibran O.  

I’d like to talk about just how friendly everyone is. On my first day, I was pretty anxious, as it was my first-ever job, but everyone was so welcoming and excited to have me around. No matter what, the team was there to answer my questions. I don’t think I could have asked for a better work environment, from being out in the field to being in the office, everyone was great. I learned something from every Technician, both about the job and about life lessons as well. I got to run into some friendly clients, too. Overall, my Summer Internship at Blades of Green was enjoyable, and I’d do it all over again if I could. I learned a lot more practical life lessons and leadership lessons than I ever would at school, and it’s really opened my eyes and changed my perspective on some things in life.  

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