BOG Committees

Blades of Green finds having input from all of our team members imperative.  Over the course of the last few years, we have created four committees that our team can join based on their interests to have a direct impact on the decisions made at our company.  Each committee has a purpose and meets on a regular basis, virtually, to discuss specific goals. Let’s talk about it! 

Culture Committee

The Culture Committee is the most fun of our committees.  They are tasked with planning some of our company events, including but not limited to Halftime, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Spirit Week, Technician Appreciation Week, Food Drives, and other holiday events.  They are charged with creating new and innovative ideas to increase engagement and keep our company culture alive.  The committee is comprised of office and production staff, which makes our events much better because they cater to the interests of all team members.   

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Committee

The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) Committee plans diversity, inclusion, and equity-focused events and company celebrations throughout the year while also shaping our D&I initiatives, policy, and culture.  In the past we have hosted a Cultural Potluck and a Juneteenth event.  Both of which were incredibly important to our team members.  We were able to celebrate our differences and the cultures from which we all come from.  We are currently in the process of scheduling a Diversity Summit for the new year, which will provide a wonderful training opportunity in the DEIB space! 

Communication Committee

The Communication Committee at Blades of Green was created to ensure that information and updates are shared in a timely and consistent manner throughout the company.  It is incredibly important to make sure we are effectively communicating with our entire team, so our committee focuses on increasing interdepartmental communication.  This committee meets to discuss our current communication platforms and how they are being used.  Can we improve engagement with our internal communications?  Can we use a different method to convey important information? There are two training opportunities planned for this month where we will explore common communication challenges and strategies for navigating them, review techniques for effectively conveying messages, identify our personal communication styles, and more. 

Safety Team

The Safety Team was created to build a safe working environment for all team members by creating engaging training opportunities, holding all team members accountable, and making sure that we keep each individual safe while they are on the clock, so they can return to their families at the end of the day.  We understand that mistakes and accidents happen.  It is our mission to reduce the incidences of those mistakes and accidents by having complete transparency with our team and providing the resources to avoid any injuries. Our production team offers industry-specific training throughout the year and the Safety Team collects data from team members on what topics they find the most important. Those topics are then researched and included in our weekly and monthly company-wide emails to help educate our team. 

In Conclusion…

Involvement in engagement opportunities like committees in the workplace have been shown to increase employee morale, improve employee retention, enhance communication, foster better teamwork, and more.  We will continue to grow our committees and invite team members to join us in making positive changes at Blades of Green. 

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