Meet Megan G., one of our friendly Client Experience Reps

Megan is shy but very friendly and all departments within our company appreciate how helpful she is.

She is hardworking both at the office and at home, taking care of her daughter Skyler. In Megan’s free time she enjoys hiking, fishing, crafting and taking photos with her friends. One secret talent she has is making homemade hot sauce, using the pepper plants from her garden. Fun fact: She has over 100 pepper plants!

If Megan could have any super power it would be to control people’s emotions/mindsets about others but not for evil. She would like to make everyone feel happy and assured that whatever someone is going through, it will all turn out okay.

While Megan can’t control people’s emotions, she is gifted at keeping our clients happy, informed and educated, which is one of many reasons we are grateful to have her as a Client Experience Rep.

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