Spirit Week

Starting on October 31st, Blades of Green (BOG) hosted Tech Appreciation/Spirit Week.  Every year our Culture Committee plans this event to give back to everyone at BOG and show them how much their hard work and dedication mean to us.  There are themed days, daily team building zooms, and a party to end the week!  Let’s dive in!

On Monday, the theme was… can you guess?! Halloween! Our company had a really good time with this one. Our entire production staff dressed up as characters from Toy Story, our Talent & Culture Development Team dressed up as the Fun Police, and others dressed as their favorite animal or movie character. Our technicians enjoyed breakfast from Wawa and our team had a challenging time with Halloween trivia. Did you know that Hocus Pocus came out in 1993?

On Tuesday, we enjoyed the comforts of our pajamas. It was nice to see everyone looking so comfy on our morning huddle where we played two truths and a lie. It was a great way to get to know our team members and connect online before starting the work day! Our technicians received a swag item in the morning to wear on Hawaiian Thursday, which was a shirt designed by one of our very own.

Moving on to day three of Spirit Week, which was Twin Day. Two of our Client Service Representatives took this challenge one step further and dressed as twins all five days! A few of our office staff dressed up as lawn division managers and the pest team all wore khaki shorts and green polos. We played Scattergories at our daily huddle and provided home made lunches to our technicians.

Thursday may be our favorite day from Spirit Week. Not only did we have show and tell at our daily huddle, handed out gift cards to our technicians, and gave thank you notes to our staff from their fellow colleagues, but we hosted a luau! A local favorite, West River Pit, provided all of the food and it was amazing. We had BBQ, sliced turkey, mac and cheese, caesar salad, and the best onion dip. We learned how to hula dance and participated in other activities like limbo and relay races. It was a wonderful day and our team members all had a chance to relax and enjoy some good food!

The final day of Spirit Week started with a scavenger hunt and snack station, and ended with our team showing their BOG pride by dressing up in all green for Bleed Green Day! Most of our colleagues wore green t-shirts and sweatshirts, while others went as far as wearing green wigs, sunglasses, and face paint. It was a great way to wrap up our week!

This annual event is more than fun games, food, and giveaways.  It is about showing our staff that we appreciate them for working extremely hard during the year and coming together as a team to help each other and the company succeed.  We are proud of them and find it important to honor them in even the smallest ways. 

Tech Appreciation/Spirit Week is the partnership between our Culture Committee and Talent and Culture Development Team where they plan a fun week that allows for team building and bonding. 

Thank you to everyone at our company for always going above and beyond, not only for each other, but also for our clients.  Your excellence does not go unnoticed.